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Woollam Construction
  • Virtual Reality Tour
  • Marketing Hologram
  • Architectural Visualisation

Ahead of the game before Virtual Reality was in the public eye.

I was approached by Woollam Construction to produce a few holograms and virtual reality experience, for an exhibition they were about to have. Well before it was a known consumable experience to the mainstream public.

The virtual reality component consisted of three 360 stereoscopic 3D renders of a typical bedroom space, a sitting area and a communal lounge. It was a seated experience starting with a main menu in which I used ‘gaze detection’ to activate menu items and move throughout (since hand controllers hadn’t been produced at that point). The experience was able to immerse and take the viewer on a journey through each space.

T he hologram portion of the project was placed at the front of the exhibition to be eye-catching and draw in passes by.

As you can see in the video below, it is very captivating. Consisting of a floating Woollam Construction logo, animated build of the whole OzCare development (which I also produced for both the hologram and a marketing video) and views of the bedroom and sitting areas. This helped give context to the virtual reality experience since those two spaces are the ones used in the virtual reality experience.