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Cashmere & KP9 Interactive
  • Victorian room for Virtual Reality

Nothing feels like Cashmere Virtual Reality experience.

Location isn’t a problem when it comes to my projects and my clients. I am able to keep them in the loop at all time with quick previews and Skype video calls – I worked with KP9 Interactive in Canada on this project.

C ashmere wanted to create a unique experience that showcased their brand while allowing users to interact with their product and brand in an engaging and memorable way. The Cashmere Virtual Dress Designer is what they came up with. Working together we had less than 2 months to design, develop and test this project before it went live.

“It was like being back in time, a beautiful Victorian room, loved it!”

My part was to design and create the room for the experience. All rendered in real-time with the game engine Unity3D then optimised to run the experience with the HTC Vive Virtual Reality kit.