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A1 Batterypro
  • 3D Superhero mascot
  • 12 Superhero poses
  • Animation ready asset

To infinity and beyo… oh wait!

To me and my inner kid, this was a bit of a dream project. Create your own Superhero and bring him to life. Challenge accepted and completed!

A1 Batterypro (Mackay and Townsville) were about to do a revamp of their website and brand and wanted to add a mascot… and what better than a Superhero, swopping in to save the day when you are panicked and in distress. That’s what A1 does!

The brief was pretty open, come up with a bunch of designs… pick a winner… then come up with a bunch of outfits… pick a winner!

Then create the 3D version, rig him up (put bones in him and make those bones move the body parts), pose him for a number of images that will be used throughout the new website. But he also had to be animation ready. Facial expressions and mouth shapes all ready to talk and move.

Strong, charming, handsome, mysterious and a bit of a jokester!

The final version turned out great! I am happy with him and even more important the client is happy with him.

The, still to be named, Superhero is now ready to promote, market and charm the pants off anyone he comes in contact with.

There is always a lot of behind the scene development on projects like this…here is a small peak at some!