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  • 2D to 3D Logo Conversion
  • Animated version of the Logo

Taking what you’ve got and making it better.

Sometimes companies want or need a change but have already built up a brand and identity. So a complete overhaul of their logo is not on the cards.

But sometimes that fresh new look can be as simple as taking what you’ve got and making it better. Converting your existing logo into a 3D logo is much simpler than you would think and gives you a lot more possibilities to stand out amongst the competition.

I t’s not just about making it 3D and keeping your branding equity. Some logos are dated or just missing that last little bit of ‘wow’ factor. That’s where converting your logo into 3D, lighting it right and even animating it can give it the punch you are looking for.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a bit more detail…

These are just a few examples of how your current logo or your new 3D version can be animated for social media, marketing, commercial use and much more.