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One Industries
  • Marketing video to promote their
  • Dust Suppression Unit

Making the most out of your digital assets.

One Industries have some great products for the mining industry. But sometimes they are a bit too big to cart around to show off or demonstrating how they work isn’t practical.

They have digital assets for all their products. That’s just the norm these days… design and create the 3D digital assets and sometimes even 3D print it before it goes to production. Those same assets can also be used for your marketing of the product before it goes to production.

O ne Industries asked me to create a promotional/marketing video for their Dust Suppression Unit. So together we worked out the best storyboard and I got to work with their digital assets and showcasing this fantastic unit.

Being able to use the 3D model allowed me to show the product from all angles and illustrate how it actually worked with accuracy, all without needing to turn on the product or even have the physical product present.

The final video, above, has been very well received and has made it possible for One Industries to get their product in front of a huge number of potential customers. Many more than only showing the physical product in person.