Simply ‘V’

This promotion has been and gone so I think it’s ok to share now. I had an opportunity to help out another studio with some product renders to be used in a cross promotion marketing campaign between V, the energy drink, and ​the latest Wolverine movie.Here is a collection of the the products​ that I produced […]

monkey3media 10 Years Young!

2014 has monkey3media hitting its 10 year anniversary! Wow, how time has flown by. I started this business out of a passion to work for myself but also to deliver 3d visualisation to architects, interior designers and property developers; in an industry that was back then and still is now, a young industry (even 10 […]

Big Twinings Cup

Just a quickie… came across an image of a product I had rendered some time ago. I hadn’t realised it had actually gone into production, but here it is! This ‘Cup’ is very versatile and can be setup in a number of variations, as you can see from the renders below . – Swipe left/right […]

Dare to be a Fridge

Lion, Dairy & Drinks division approached Creative Instore Solutions to develop an iconic off location display for the Dare product range. My role again, was to visualise different versions of the fridge to get client approval before it headed off to production. The aim of the fridge design was to capture and keep the retail […]

Yellowglen at the Races

As I’ve said before, it’s always great to see how a project turns out and how it’s received after the design and rendering phase. Normally I only get to see how things look from the point it leaves the rendering phase. Either the project doesn’t go ahead or it does but I don’t get the […]

Kellogg’s Modular Stand

First off, here is a bit of information about the units purpose. “Designed to fit into multiple target routes including education centres, hotels, quick service restaurants and universities; the modular units sell Single Serve Portion and Loose cereal tubs. They are designed to help retailers increase sales for self consumption single serve and loose breakfast […]

From Concept to Reality

Our job, on a lot of the projects we do, is to take a clients concept or idea or sometimes take our own concept or idea and create an image/animation that brings that product to life and into reality.

On occasion I get to see the finished product which is great…

3D Visualisation & Rendering Explained…It’s like Baking a Cake!

“3D visualisation and rendering is the computer-based graphical process of converting 3D wireframe models into 2D images with photorealistic effects.”  Which sounds very technical and clever……don’t get me wrong, it’s both of those things and much more. But if you didn’t understand any of that, maybe this bare bones explanation might help… it’s like a sketch, but taken to a […]

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Brush

It’s a great feeling seeing your work published, talked about or just out in the public eye. Sometimes you have to wait quite some time for it to be released. But when it does, the wait is all worth it! We were asked by a marketing company to do some animation for a new product […]

6 Steps to 3D Projects at monkey3media

There is a lot of work that goes into producing 3D imagery and animation. Scenes can take days, weeks or even months to prepare and setup ready to start producing even the most basic of 3D imagery/renders. Which is why it is vital to have a process in place to make sure a project is […]