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Facebook & Split Spaces
  • Design and produce a Gear VR interactive app with 360 video

Showcasing some of Mackay’s attractions and sights. 

All part of the Facebook Boost North Queensland initiative to support local business and communities to have the digital skills to engage successfully and safely online.
I was approached by Split Spaces and Facebook to create a 360 VR experience as part of the STEAM Festival event, that was to follow the week-long Facebook Pop-up Hub workshops.

A fter a bit of brainstorming the idea of the experience was taking shape. Then it was onto planning the timeline to get it done. I only had a little over a week before te event.

Below are the four locations we went to. We had great support from the local operators at each stop and couldn’t have produced such a great app without their help.

The final app was installed on four Samsung phones and set up in the Oculus Gear VR headset. Since these don’t have controllers, navigation through the app as done with gaze detection, basically you look at the button for a short time to activate it and move you to the next scene or video.

We spent a good solid weekend travelling to some of Mackay’s best attractions that are a little out of the way, ones we thought would make great 360 video experiences and we’d be able to bring closer to audiences through the 360 virtual reality app.

Kangaroos and Wallabies at Dawn Cape Hillsborough Beach

It was an early 4 am start in order to beat the sunrise and get to Cape Hillsborough Beach in time to set up and capture the Kangaroos and Wallabies. Once the sun comes up, they slowly make their way down from the treeline to the beach.

Forest Flying The Ultimate Rainforest Experience in Finch Hatton Gorge

We strapped Jarryd (Split Spaces) to the flying fox, for a unique ride 25 metres above ground that allows you to travel 340 metres through the rainforest canopy.

Mackay’s Tiger Moth High Flying over Mackay City

The team at Mackay Tiger Moth gave us a very different perspective of Mackay with their rare vintage DH82A Tiger Moth. We got some fantastic views from the air which were a highlight of the final app.

Breathtaking Views from The Eungella Chalet Hang-Gliding Ramp

We got some magnificent views from the, ever-changing, Pioneer Valley. There was no better perspective than on the Hang-Gliding ramp (except for maybe from a Hang-Glider…. next time).