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The virtual product begins in the planning phase. Design decisions and customer feedback can be carried out faster and more extensively. Iteration loops are reduced.
Digital models can also be adapted to the respective markets.

The opportunities for producing marketing material equal and sometimes exceed a physical product. Product pictures, function animation, commercials, as well as virtual exhibits.
Today’s blockbusters show the realism that can be achieved in computer graphics. The virtual representation is so astonishing that selling a dinosaur seems feasible.

A story, a sense of realism or the detailed representation of a feature have a huge impact when it comes to customer or investor decisions.

Your virtual product, put together in the right medium (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or an Interactive App on a tablet, for example) can be used to test market acceptance – all without the ever-present physical product.

The key is in your digital assets, in this case, the 3D data of your products. Properly used, they are a huge time and money saver, because through visualisation techniques, such as 3D rendering or virtual reality, products become tangible and alive for the customer.

Ask me what's possible with your digital data.

You can take it a step further!