WHO IS monkey3media?

Meet the Crew…ME!

monkey3media is a digital communication studio specialising in visual and interactive content.
A small business based in Mackay, Queensland but packing a big 'digital' punch for clients around Australia and the rest of the world!

I go it alone or partner with others, to communicate your idea, design, product etc. BETTER, using 2D & 3D assets and the latest immersive and interactive technologies.

Starting out with a passion for traditional 2D animation which has grown to include 3D, the industry has developed, and so had the various ways 2D and 3D assets can be used.

I have worked at a number of leading visualisation studios, in Brisbane and Sydney, producing visuals, animation and content for a number of big brands and projects, then it was time to go it alone.

I started monkey3media in 2004 and have continued to explore and develop new ways to visualise for clients in a range of industries such as Architecture, Interior Design, Point of Sale Marketing, Brand and Product Marketing to name a few.