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Mackay Laneways Project
  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality that brings the world around us to life.

The Mackay Laneway project was a creative initiative that started with a few local artists who wanted to give the 5th Lane in the Mackay City Centre a ‘make-over’, providing a once unloved space a new lease on life.

As the project grew so did the vision for what could be done in this space. The collaboration between art and technology grew from a meeting with the project manager Jodie Kearns (Connolly). The aim was to increase the foot traffic into the laneway and the city centre. With the use of Augmented Reality experiences I was able to provide a unique user interaction; one that would last beyond the intial launch night and that could also be changed over time so that visitors would have something to come back and see in the future.

Currently there are seven augmented pieces of art in the 5th Laneway that add another dimension to the art itself. Most of the animated Augmented Reality experiences were created in collaboration with the artists and with the final results being loved by many.

Below is some of the amazing artwork that was done by both local artists and guest artists that were brought in and offered some invaluable training and tips to the local artists.

Bluefaced Honey Eater - Scott Nagy | Major Mitchell - Brightsiders | Fish - Marissa Moore | Monitor lizard - Brightsiders | Platypus - Brightsiders | Turtle - Marissa Moore | Rainbow Lorikeet - Marissa Moore

T ry it for yourself. Download the Zappar app and zap the code on the image to see it come alive!

Just a bunch of creatives with brushes,

paint and a mission to colour

– in large boring walls.

Below is a video from the launch night, put together by Simon Pope. There was a great crowd to kick off the laneway and don’t worry if you missed out. The Augmented Reality experiences are still there for you to enjoy.

The video on the right is a video of some of the Augmented Reality experiences (just in case you can’t make it to Mackay to see it for yourself) and a few of the amazing pieces of art you’ll find in the laneway.